Middle Grade Mania: LINT BOY!

Another graphic novel makes an appearance for #MiddleGradeMania! Check out this interview with the author of LINT BOY, Aileen Lejten!

The book/person/thing that inspired me to be a writer is:

When I was in college studying Animation Film, one of my teachers took our class on a field trip to ‘Every Picture Tells a Story’. At that time, ‘Every Picture’ was a picture book art gallery in Los Angeles. From the moment I walked into the galery, I was inspired by the art, the books, and the space, and I knew I wanted to create my own books. Out of that visit, the idea for my first book, “Hugging Hour” was born.

The hardest thing about writing for a middle grade audience is:9780544528604_lres

Nine and twelve year old kids don’t always like the same things anymore. It’s an interesting challenge to write for this wide age group, during which so many changes take place, and keep everybody interested.

Why do you like writing middle grade books? 

I used to work primarily on picture books, and I often needed to edit my work to make it more appropriate for the younger age range. Shorten, soften, sweeten, and take some of the edges off, was the recurring message. The middle grade audience is a more natural fit for me at this moment, especially for this book.

What will middle grade readers like about your books?

Adventure, suspense, and silliness all mixed together, like the ingredients of a big cake.

My least favorite subject in school was:

That would have been sports, except for volleyball and swimming, I loved swimming

My favorite snack:

My favorite snack is a nice cup of tea with milk and honey, accompanied dark chocolate and almond. Mmmm. I have to go get some right now…

The best thing about my job is:

That I love it! That I can do it every day, and that it hopefully makes other people happy too.

One piece of advice for your middle grade self:

Practice makes perfect. The more you do something the better you get at it!

Don’t give up.

Where can we find you on the internet? (Social media, website?)

www.aleijten.com (under construction)

http://aileenleijten.blogspot.com soon moving to http://aleijten.com/blog/blog-masonry/






LINT BOY is available today!