Meditate with Moon and these Yoga Poses



Moon leads a busy life. Whether it be school, homework, or music lessons… Moon has her plate full. While Moon rushes through her days, she wonders if life could be different–if she could feel freer. In a world that is constantly putting more pressure and demands on children, it is important to celebrate the wild within us–to embrace our inner desire for play.

While reading Moon, encourage your own child to address their stress. We personally love yoga. Below are three Moon approved yoga poses to get you started!

Downward Facing Wolf
Downward facing wolf is an excellent pose for stretching. Really take your time to explore the pose. You can reach your calves, back, and hamstrings with this move. Downward dog will calm your mind, relieve your headaches, and is the perfect pose to start your yoga routine as it is both beneficial and active. If you want to channel your inner animal, release your neck and slowly move your head around.


Step by Step Instructions/Video

Upward Facing Wolf
Upward facing wolf is the perfect pose to open up the chest. This pose encourages the release of all the pressure and tension from hunching over a smartphone. It helps improve posture by stretching and strengthening the back as well as arms and wrists. While you’re here, try out your own howl.


Step by Step Instructions/Video

Tree Pose
And to end your yoga with moon session, end with a pose that is sure to be a hit with the children–Tree Pose. Not only does it look impressive, but it is both fun and beneficial. Tree pose strengthens your leg muscles, stretching your inner thighs, and helps improve balance. If you’re up for it, see how long you can keep balanced! This is one of those poses where you get better with time and it helps ground you and forces you to focus on remaining calm.

tree pose
Step by Step Instructions/Video

Using these three poses is a great start to your yoga practice. As you expand your yoga practice, you’ll find yourself challenging your balance, improving your posture, and strengthening your body. And yoga is good for everyone no matter the age so it’s the perfect activity for parent/child bonding.

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