Celebrating Words and One Fun Day with Lewis Carroll

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Did you know Lewis Carroll not only created Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but he invented words that we use today?


Here are some fun examples!Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.51.02 AM

Snark: an imaginary animal, perhaps combining snail and shark. Carroll always claimed he had no clear idea what it was.
Burble: a mixture of bleat, murmur, and warble.
Gimble: to turn around, like a screw being screwed in.
Bandersnatch: An imaginary creature too fast to flee from.



In One Fun Day with Lewis Carroll, Kathleen Krull writes on Lewis Carroll and how he came to write Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland using his own words. The manner in which Júlia Sardà injects whimsy into every day scenes of Carroll’s life is sure to make readers frabjous (that’s Carroll for “A combination of fair, fabulous, and joyous” and Kathleen’s favorite word).


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Learn more about Kathleen Krull and Júlia Sardà here!

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