Beware the Grumpasaurus!

Have you ever met a Grumpasaurus? I bet you have. In fact, you may even have one in your own home. Want to know what makes them tick? This handy guide, meticulously researched and lovingly illustrated, tells you everything you need to know. Above all they should be handled with care—otherwise they can become VERY loud and VERY fearsome. In this appealingly modern and clever picture book, a field guide format is applied to the study of the cranky child . . . er, rather, the GRUMPASAURUS . . . who, in spite of himself, will win your heart.

Below, Edward Hemingway, the creator of the laugh-out-loud Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus, walks us through the creative process behind the cover!


The Original Black and White Character Sketch

I always start with a rough character sketch that often develops over time. My original character design for the Grumpasaurus made him look a little older and meaner. Everything about him is sharper- his eyes, his horned nose, even his scales.



He used to be Green!

I then move on to color sketches. These are usually done on my computer with scanned drawings and collage. I try several different color schemes before settling on one I like. I originally envisioned the Grumpasaurus as green!


Original Oil Painting Study of Character

Once I start to get really excited about a character I usually do a detailed oil painting of them in an environment to get me in the mood. The final look of the book ended up being much sparser than this, but I love seeing him in a room full of toys….




Original Cover Design Oil Painting- He’s Orange!

This was the first cover design I showed my editor. Painted in oils on board, it’s really starting to look like the final character in the book. I decided that a warmer, more orange color suited the Grumpasaurus’ hot temper. I also made him less menacing and more kid friendly by rounding out his eyes, shortening his horned nose, and softening his scales.



Final Back Cover Art!

My editor and I thought it would be fun to show the backside of the Grumpasaurus on the back cover of the jacket. You can see that he’s really become much cuter than my original black and white sketch




Final Front Cover Art!

The final cover design (also painted in oils) incorporates the diagram element within the book, and also brightens the Grumpasaurus’ skin even more. Now he’s ready to GRUMP! GRUMP! GRUMP!





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