A poetic ode to all that is round!


In this whimsical and imaginative book, look closely and you will find that the world is bursting with round things awaiting discovery! From award winning author, Joyce Sidman, and illustrator Taeeun Yoo, comes a lyrical look at why we love round things best–from the small details of everyday life to the vast and ancient forces that shape our world.

“Yoo’s mixed-media scenes feature bold, saturated colors and crayonlike textures, and they always highlight the girl’s curiosity. Closing notes offer additional fascinating insight into what makes round shapes so remarkable. A round of applause for this one.”
—Publishers Weekly, STARRED review

“Each carefully written line of text shows readers how the mundane can become magical if you look closely. All of this elegant simplicity springs from the page through Yoo’s mixed-media artwork, so rich in subtle detail that children will always find one more thing to look at.”
—Booklist, STARRED review

Enjoy the sneak peek inside the book below! Round goes on sale March 7th!