Middle Grade Mania: MESMERIST by Ronald L. Smith

#MiddleGradeMania continues with an interview from the author of HOODOO, and the forthcoming MESMERIST, Ronald Smith! We’re so excited to hear about his favorite books and why he loves writing so much.











The book/person/thing that inspired me to be a writer is:

I’d have to say it is The Lord of the Rings. It introduced me to fantasy and opened a world of possibilities in my young mind. Another book that really inspired me to write is The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, by Eleanor Cameron.

The hardest thing about writing for a middle grade audience is:

Finding a great idea that young people will be interested in, something that will make them want to read until the end.

Why do you like writing middle grade books? 

I find that I like the voice of middle grade books. There is a lot of variety, from light and fun to dark and scary. It’s a great time to read because you’re discovering so much about the world and yourself.9780544445284_lres

What will middle grade readers like about your books?

They’re creeeeepppyyy!

My least favorite subject in school was:

Uh, school.

My favorite snack:


The best thing about my job is:

Getting to do what I love for a living.9780544445253_lres-2

One piece of advice for your middle grade self:

Don’t worry. One day you’ll be able to eat all the Halloween candy you like.

Attach 3 photos that you think represent your book best, other than the cover:

Edvard Munch’s The Scream

Wanderer above the Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich


Where can we find you on the internet?



ronsmithwriter on Instagram


Want to be mesmerized by MESMERIST? Check it out here!