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Authors on Middle Grade Mania

Have you ever wondered what books middle grade authors like to read? Or what their most embarrassing middle grade moment was? Watch the videos below to find out!

Christopher Pennell, author of Mysterious Woods of Whistle Root

Catherine Jinks, author of How to Catch a Bogle

(The New York Times Book Review says about How to Catch a Bogle: “The book, which is part Great Expectations, part Ghostbusters and a little bit Vindication of the Rights of Woman, mixes monster murder with work ethics and the importance of a girl being able to make a living for herself. . . . For all its grime, Jinks’s world is rich.”)

Catherine Gilbert Murdock, author of Heaven is Paved with Oreos

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songofthequarkbeast howtocatchabogle
heavenispavedwithoreos mysteriouswoods