Very Little Red Riding Hood Activities



Calling all Little Red Riding Hood enthusiasts. In Very Little Red Riding Hood by Teresa Heapy, illustrated by Sue Heap, Little Red Riding Hood is adorably re-cast as a precocious, modern-day toddler.

When Very Little Red Riding Hood encounters the Big Bad Wolf she cries, “A Foxie!” and gives him a huge hug. Her considerable charm and fearlessness quickly turn the Wolf from deadly foe to confused ally. At Grandma’s, Wolf is invited in for an exhausting afternoon of tea parties, dancing, and hide-and-seek. But as parents will surely recognize, an over-tired and homesick pre-schooler is far scarier than any wolf. As Little Red melts down from missing her mummy, Wolf’s moment of truth arrives and rather than “eat her up” he cheers her up and all three “sleep happily ever after.”

The Very Little Red Riding Hood downloadable activity kit includes coloring sheets, a tea party placemat, finger puppets, games and more. It’s the perfect way to amuse very little readers!

Very Little Red Riding Hood Activity Kit by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Praise for Very Little Red Riding Hood:

“Little kids will delight in details such as the tulip-eating dog and the tea-sipping wolf, and parents and older siblings will marvel at Heapy’s grasp of preschooler psychology, in all of its beauty and depravity. A truly fresh take on an age-old tale.” —Chicago Tribune

* “Heapy swaps a delightful new character into an old story and follows her wherever she leads.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A fun, fractured adventure.” —School Library Journal


And keep an eye out for Very Little Cinderella and Very Little Sleeping Beauty in future seasons!