Party with a panda!

Party with a panda—and all creatures tall and small—in Newbery Medal author Linda Sue Park and brilliant illustrator Matt Phelan’s endearing new picture book.

Xander planned a panda party.
Yes, a dandy whoop-de-do!
But Xander was the only panda.
Just one panda at the zoo.

The zoo’s paucity of pandas doesn’t impede Xander’s party planning for long. He decides to invite all the bears.


But Koala protests. She’s not a bear—she’s a marsupial! Does that mean she can’t come? Xander rethinks his decision to invite only bears, and “Calling all bears” evolves into “Calling all creatures.”

The Newbery Medal author Linda Sue Park introduces animal taxonomy in a wonderfully engaging way, and the celebrated artist Matt Phelan’s charming ink and watercolor paintings are the icing on the cake. A read-aloud whoop-de-do!

Xander’s Panda Party is available September 3, 2013!



Praise for Xander’s Panda Party

“Phelan (Around the World) takes Park’s jaunty story about a panda with a complicated social life and develops it still further. In ink-and-watercolor vignettes, he animates the many zoo creatures Xander considers inviting to his party, capturing their expressions and interactions with a few quick pen strokes…Park (The Third Gift) is really talking about the fluidity of boundaries, and how social groupings that look solid fall apart under closer inspection. Her afterword explores symbiosis (the rhino-bird duo), taxonomic classification, and zoo exchanges—there’s food for thought throughout.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)