Mustache…Baby? Meet Billy, star of Mustache Baby!

When Baby Billy was born, his family noticed something odd.


The nurse warns them things could go either way, depending on whether it is a good-guy or bad-guy mustache. His parents are reassured when he nobly saves the day as a (pretend) cowboy protecting his (toy) cattle, and blows the whistle on his cookie-stealing siblings.


But time passes and little Billy’s mustache starts to curl up at the ends in a suspiciously villainous fashion. Sure enough, “Billy’s disreputable mustache led him into a life of dreadful crime.”


Caught red-handed during a (piggy)bank heist, the pint-sized thief is carted off to a cribby jail, where the hardened criminal sheds a few tears.

What happens next? You’ll have to read Mustache Baby to find out! It’s a great read for any mustachioed dad or dad-to-be, and any parent looking for a break from stories about bunnies, trains, or bedtime. Kids will delight in Billy’s antics, and adult readers will enjoy the tongue-in-cheek humor—for example, Billy is a cereal criminal, stealing spoonfuls of his brother’s Corn Pops.

Mustache Baby is now available wherever books are sold.


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