Won’t you please give Mary Wrightly, So Politely, a read?

Mary Wrightly is the best-behaved little girl around. She always politely says please and thank you and even “I’m sorry” when something isn’t her fault.


But when a shopper comes between Mary and the blue elephant toy she wants to buy for her beloved baby brother, will Mary just let the woman walk away with it? Speak up, Mary! Monescillo’s charming illustrations capture the spirit of this gentle look at how asserting oneself is not rude, and even occasionally out-and-out necessary.


The Wall Street Journal says, “This would be a fine picture book for a young girl whose good manners could use tweaking.” The New York Times gives Mary a glowing review:

But it is possible to be too good. The unassuming Mary Wrightly, a “good, polite little girl who spoke in a small, soft voice” and the heroine of “Mary Wrightly, So Politely,” by Shirin Yim Bridges (“Ruby’s Wish”), finds that retiring girls don’t always get what they want or deserve. Often, they are simply ignored…Sometimes you just have to tell people what you want. And what this smart, affecting and original story wants is some well-deserved attention.

“A powerful, much-needed argument for the virtues of civility . . . a nearly perfect parable about being true to oneself in a rough-and-tumble world.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Understated and sunny itself, this picture book subtly prescribes behavior for situations dire and everyday. So, um, well, will you give it a read…please?” —Kirkus, starred review

Won’t you please introduce Mary Wrightly to someone today?