Science Meets Adventure with The Call of the Osprey

“If you want to learn about contamination of rivers, just ask the osprey.”  Author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and photographer William Muñoz show the efforts of scientists who are doing just that with a long-term study of the osprey outside Butte, Montana, in one of the largest Superfund sites in the country. The scientists are working to understand the effects of pollution on the environment through their research on these remarkable animals: fish-catching birds with gigantic nests and a family that functions with teamwork and cooperation.

Today the osprey is studied to monitor the effects of mercury on living things. The osprey hunts in a very small area around its large nest and so scientists can pinpoint where mercury is coming from. In Missoula, Montana, the scientists have been following ospreys for six years, collecting data on the amount of contaminants found on their feathers and in their blood. The rivers and streams in Western Montana are still suffering effects from inappropriate mining activities performed more than a hundred years ago. This man-made pollution is still dangerous to people and to wildlife.

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