Discover a New Curious George Series that Makes Science Fun

Introducing a new Curious George series coming this June—Curious George Discovers! The first four books will be available June 15th, and all include real photos, experiments, activities and more to make learning about science fun for young readers!

Whether he’s exploring the ocean floor through the windows of a submarine in Curious George Discovers the Ocean or travelling through the human body in Curious George Discovers Germs, this little monkey is always up for adventure…and always curious! When the scorching summer heat causes power outages in Curious George Discovers the Sun, George learns all about solar power. And when a light rain casts a stunning rainbow in the sky, George and friends learn how to create their own in Curious George Discovers the Rainbow.



Learn more at and pre-order your copies today.

And for Classic George lovers, look for Where Is Curious George?: Around Town, a new look-and-find book available for purchase wherever books are sold today!  Each full-to-bursting scene represents a favorite spot in the neighborhood, from the playground to the library to the farmer’s market. Jaunty rhymes introduce each inviting location and list the objects readers can find, and the colorful cardstock pages will hold up to years of enthusiastic exploration.