Welcome back to the blog for #MiddleGradeMania! We have Erin Teagen on the blog today, author of THE FRIENDSHIP EXPERIMENT. Check out the interview below!


The book/person/thing that inspired me to be a writer is:

I always wanted to be a writer, but when I was twelve and my baby sister was born, I started writing stories for her and never stopped! Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein were my favorite authors as a kid and the way they wove heartbreak and humor together in their writing still inspires me today.

The hardest thing about writing for a middle grade audience is: 

I think the hardest part is getting the voice just right. Middle graders aren’t kids anymore, and yet they aren’t quite teenagers. When I write, I try to make sure my characters come across authentically middle grade.9780544636224_lres-2

Why do you like writing middle grade books?

I remember my middle grade years so vividly. For me, they were equal parts embarrassing moments and fun times with friends.

What will middle grade readers like about your books?

I hope they will relate to my characters and like the science in the book. And I hope they will laugh too!

My least favorite subject in school was:

Gym! I was terrible at team sports.

My favorite snack:

Hummus and chips, Milano cookies, cheez-it’s, and coffee (not all at the same time!).

The best thing about my job is:

I love everything about writing middle grade books. The research, the reading, the writing in my pajamas. I also love talking to kids about science and introducing them to the kinds of sciences they may have never heard of before.

One piece of advice for your middle grade self:

Be brave and try new things. Share what makes you happiest with your friends.

Where can we find you on the internet? (Social media, website?)

www.erinteagan.com ; twitter: @ErinKTeagan ; Instagram: ekteagan