Curious George is curious about shapes and colors!

Check out the new Curious George app, Curious About Shapes and Colors!


cgshapes1Playful little monkey Curious George had so much fun with his toys that he’s taken some of them apart and mixed them all up! He needs help to put them all back together. Through fun games and puzzles along the way, children will learn about shapes and colors. The final prize? A series of great interactive toys and a set of engaging games!

cgshapes4Children will be introduced to these concepts:
• Basic shapes like circles, squares and triangles
• More complex shapes including pentagons, hexagons, diamonds, rectangles, and ovals
• Primary and secondary colors, along with varying tones
• Pattern recognition and sequencing
• Skills like sorting, constructing, tracing, and coloring


cgshapes3Exciting and entertaining activities will help children recognize a broad range of shapes and colors by matching, sorting, creating patterns, and constructing bigger shapes from smaller shapes. Math skills are encouraged through reproducing patterns, identifying different sizes,
and comparing and sorting. Fine motor skills are strengthened by tracing and tapping and dragging.

Narration and guidance is provided from The Man With the Yellow Hat!

Curious George: Curious About Shapes & Colors is now available in the iTunes store for the iPad and iPhone!