Chocolate: Sweet Science and Dark Secrets

Maybe it’s your favorite ice cream flavor or your number one ingredient in cookie batter. Perhaps it’s a sweet treat after a rough day or mixed into your Sunday morning pancakes. It’s also possible you can’t stand it and you don’t understand why everyone raves about it so much. Regardless, chocolate is a big deal. But how many of us really know more about it than its potential in recipes? Delve into the history, science, and economic and cultural implications of chocolate with Kay Frydenborg!

Chocolate by Kay Frydenborg


Chocolate hits all the right sweet–and bitter–notes: cutting-edge genetic science whisked in with a strong social conscience, history, and culture yield one thought-provoking look into one of the world’s most popular foods. Readers who savored Chew on This and Food, Inc. and lovers of chocolate will relish this fascinating read.

About the author:


Kay Frydenborg lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two dogs, and rides her beloved horse, Remy, almost every day. She’s the author of numerous books for young readers including Wild Horse Scientists, They Dreamed of Horses, and Animal Therapist. You can learn more about her at