Take a Cue from Johnny Mutton and Dress as a Runny Nose for Halloween!

“Before there was Babymouse or the Wimpy Kid, before Dragonbreath or Big Nate, there was a baby sheep on (human) Momma Mutton’s front step.” —Kirkus Reviews 

“Fans of Dav Pilkey’s work will eagerly embrace the laugh-aloud antics of Johnny Mutton.” —School Library Journal 

Talk about the black sheep in the family! Not only is Johnny Mutton the only sheep in class, but he insists on being an individual at every turn. Everyone brings an apple to class? He brings marshmallows! Planning a surprise party for a friend? Why not play bobbing for broccoli like Johnny? Dressing up as a pirate or witch for Halloween? Why, when you and a friend could go as a runny nose and a box of tissues instead?


The Complete Adventures of Johnny Mutton by James Proimos is over-the-top fun in graphic-novel form for readers ages 6 – 9. A perfect gift book for the Halloween, birthday parties, and the holidays, The Complete Adventures include three books in one as well as a bonus section with Johnny Mutton’s unique rules for life and an author Q&A. Full of colorful, comic illustrations and zany humor, fans of Dav Pilkey’s Captain Underpants will have a new hero to root for in The Complete Adventures of Johnny Mutton!