Explore North Carolina and Washington State with Two New Books


Say hello to Mr. Geo, everybody’s favorite geography teacher. In the 50 States to Celebrate series by Marion Dane Bauer, illustrated by C. B. Canga, Mr. Geo explores new places, state by state. As he visits popular attractions, national parks, historic landmarks, sports stadiums, and more, newly-independent readers will learn about our nation’s rich history and resources.

A great choice for school projects and family vacations, each book contains a mix of travel, geography, history, and pop culture as well as maps and learning activities. ¬†Available in paper-over-board and paperback, the books are Level 3 Green Light Readers, which means they’re tailor-made for kids just able to read independently. But that doesn’t mean the entire family can’t share in the fun!

Celebrating North Carolina

Mr. Geo’s first stop in North Carolina is the Outer Banks, where he climbs lighthouses, hunts for pirate treasure, and goes hang-gliding on the beach where the Wright Brothers flew the first plane. From there, he visits a Cherokee village, tours a historic plantation, hikes the Blue Ridge Mountains, and more.


Celebrating Washington State

In Washington, the Evergreen State, Mr. Geo’s first stop is Olympic National Park, where he climbs mountain trails, hikes a rainforest, and sees a glacier for the very first time. Then he’s off to Seattle to ride to the top of the Space Needle for a great view of Mount Rainier and more.


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