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5 Aug 2016

Looking Back: A Q&A with Lois Lowry

In this updated and refreshed photographic memoir, two-time Newbery Medalist Lois Lowry offers an intimate look at pivotal moments that affected her life, inspired her writing, and often evolved into her rich and wonderful novels beloved the world over. We asked Lois a few questions about Looking Back. Read
12 Jan 2016

Congratulations to Our 2016 ALA Award Winners and Honors

Yesterday the American Library Association (ALA) announced the top books, video, and audio books for children and young adults in it’s annual Midwinter Meeting. We’d like to congratulate all of the 2016 Youth Media Award Winners, including the following HMH Books for Young Readers and Clarion Titles and authors:
2 Oct 2015

Steve Jenkins and Robin Page are a bestselling team. Their newest book, How to Swallow a Pig, is a clever and whimsical nonfiction book about animal behavior disguised as a How-to / Advice book. Here, they share a bit about the making of the book: Once we’ve come up with
16 Sep 2015

Behind-the-Book Guest Post by Author Andrew Glass

“The Day After Tomorrow” by Flying Cars author Andrew Glass When I came across an article in the New York Times about Molt Taylor’s 1949 Aerocar 1, a prototype for a peculiar-looking automobile, which could be easily converted to an airplane, first I wondered what sort of nut would
8 Jun 2015

Science Meets Adventure with The Call of the Osprey

“If you want to learn about contamination of rivers, just ask the osprey.”  Author Dorothy Hinshaw Patent and photographer William Muñoz show the efforts of scientists who are doing just that with a long-term study of the osprey outside Butte, Montana, in one of the largest Superfund sites in the
12 May 2015

Meet the Octopus Scientists

With three hearts and blue blood, its gelatinous body unconstrained by jointed limbs or gravity, the octopus seems to be an alien, an inhabitant of another world. It’s baggy, boneless body sprouts eight arms covered with thousands of suckers—suckers that can taste as well as feel. The octopus also
30 Apr 2015

The Prisoners of Breendonk: Personal Histories from a World War II Concentration Camp

This absorbing and captivating nonfiction account (with never-before-published photographs) offers readers an in-depth anthropological and historical look into the lives of those who suffered and survived Breendonk concentration camp during the Holocaust of World War II. Prisoners of Breendonk by James Deem Fort Breendonk was built in the early 1900s to protect
23 Apr 2015

Chocolate: Sweet Science and Dark Secrets

Maybe it’s your favorite ice cream flavor or your number one ingredient in cookie batter. Perhaps it’s a sweet treat after a rough day or mixed into your Sunday morning pancakes. It’s also possible you can’t stand it and you don’t understand why everyone raves about it so much.
9 Apr 2015

Taking Hold: From Migrant Childhood to Columbia University

Honest and moving, Francisco Jiménez’s memoir comes alive with telling details about the warmth and resilience of family and the quest for identity against seemingly impossible odds. Continuing the best-selling life stories told in The Circuit, Breaking Through, and Reaching Out, Francisco Jiménez chronicles his efforts and struggles as he continues
24 Mar 2015

Discover a New Curious George Series that Makes Science Fun

Introducing a new Curious George series coming this June—Curious George Discovers! The first four books will be available June 15th, and all include real photos, experiments, activities and more to make learning about science fun for young readers! Whether he’s exploring the ocean floor through the windows of a