Seven Shark Books Kids Will Sink Their Teeth Into

We’re in the midst of Shark Week, and with that in mind, we thought we’d share some of our favorite books about our finned friends that will have you diving back into reading!

Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks

  1. Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks By Kenneth Mallory

Did you know hammerheads travel in schools during the day, and become solitary hunters at night? So Batman of them, right? But that’s where the similarities end, as we learn from Swimming with Hammerhead Sharks, these guys aren’t vicious killers (unlike a certain bat man).

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I Am a Shark

2. I Am a Shark: The Life of a Hammerhead Shark by Darlene R. Stille

Supplementary proof to the fact that Hammerheads ≠ Batman. But you will see an illustration Hammerhead shark eat a stingray (circle of life guys!)

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Shark Detective

3. Shark Detective! by Jessica Olien

While there are no edifying shark stories in this book, there IS a shark dealing with evidence. For the shark enthusiast who wants a bit of funny instead of facts.

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4. Sharks! (National Geographic Readers) by Anne Schreiber, National Geographic Kids (Editor)

! Another shark book with an exclamation point! But unlike the previous title, this book is for the shark enthusiast who wants facts (!) instead of funny.

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The Whale Shark_Gentle Giant

5. The Whale Shark: Gentle Giant by Joanne Randolph

If you want your baby to love sharks from the get go, this is the book for you.

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Wonderful World of Sharks

6. Wonderful World of Sharks by Christina Wilsdon

What we like best about this book are the photos, like are these sharks models? This book has got us asking “Where is the Vogue Shark issue?”

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great white lres

7. The Great White Shark Scientist By Sy Montgomery, photos by Keith Ellenbogen

Thrilling chases, chilling facts, and a shark chase?  We’re in. Follow Sy Montgomery, the modern-day Jacques Cousteau as she breaks down shark stigmas and builds up your heart rate through scientific excursion of shark tracking. If you love watching Shark Week, you’ll love reading The Great White Shark Scientist.

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Check out this fin-nonmenal video of Sy: