21 May 2015

The Owl and the Pussy-cat by Paul Galdone: Folk Tale Classics Line

Some stories withstand the test of time, becoming treasures passed down from generation to generation. Such is the case with Caldecott Honor-winner Paul Galdone’s fairy tale retellings—now repackaged in beautiful, value-priced gift editions with foil on the covers. From Goldilocks and the three bears to the kittens who lost their
20 May 2015

Brilliant Beach Books!

With a long weekend coming up, it doesn’t escape book lovers that this means we have more time to read. Memorial Day is quickly approaching and summer follows closely at its heels. To spare you the trouble of seeking out excellent summer books, we’ve put together a list of
19 May 2015


Sometimes the wind whistles and the stairs creak. Other times the pillows aren’t fluffy enough or the comforter is too warm. It’s hard for your little one to fall asleep at times and no one understands that struggle more than the sheep in Nancy Shaw and Margot Apple’s latest
18 May 2015

Paperback Spotlight: Buzz Kill by Beth Fantaskey

Beth Fantaskey’s fresh and funny teen mystery gets a new look in paperback this month! The critics agree, this breezy summer read is both smart and vacation approved… * “A breezy and thoroughly entertaining read.” —Publisher’s Weekly, starred review “A nice blend of Veronica Mars, Nancy Drew and Heathers,
14 May 2015


Mary Poppins is whimsical. Whether you’ve read about her arriving at Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane via the east wind, watched her dancing alongside penguins on screen, or listened to her belt out a high note on Broadway, her whimsy comes across loud and clear in all forms. Now,
13 May 2015

Cover Reveal: NEED by Joelle Charbonneau

Calling all fans of the Testing series! Joelle Charbonneau has a new stand-alone thriller hitting bookstores this November and we have a sneak peek of its updated cover to share with you. Let us know what you think! #WhatDoYouNeed “No one gets something for nothing. We all should know
12 May 2015

Meet the Octopus Scientists

With three hearts and blue blood, its gelatinous body unconstrained by jointed limbs or gravity, the octopus seems to be an alien, an inhabitant of another world. It’s baggy, boneless body sprouts eight arms covered with thousands of suckers—suckers that can taste as well as feel. The octopus also
11 May 2015

The Bots Are Back in Town! Introducing Book Two in the Robots Rule Series…

Meet 10-year-old George Gearing, a mechanical whiz kid, and Jackbot, his best friend—built by George himself! George’s home is run by the bots he has invented, such as Mr. Egg, the cooking bot, and Scrubby, the dishwashing bot. Terabyte Heights is full of lots and lots more bots though—and some
7 May 2015

Celebrate Mother’s Day with Mom-themed Books!

Sunday is Mother’s Day and to celebrate mothers everywhere, we put together a list of some mom-inspired picture books great for shared reading time! Because Your Mommy Loves You by Andrew Clements, R. W. Alley In this sweet companion book to Because Your Daddy Loves You, a little boy and
6 May 2015

Download the Tacky the Penguin Activity Kit!

Jump for joy! There is a new Tacky the Penguin book on the way and an updated activity kit full of games, coloring sheets, name tags, invitations, costume ideas and more to make your next story time or book party the most wing-flappingly fun event on the block.  Throw