2 Feb 2017

Middle Grade Mania: MESMERIST by Ronald L. Smith

#MiddleGradeMania continues with an interview from the author of HOODOO, and the forthcoming MESMERIST, Ronald Smith! We’re so excited to hear about his favorite books and why he loves writing so much.                 *** The book/person/thing that inspired me to be a
23 Jan 2017

A poetic ode to all that is round!

In this whimsical and imaginative book, look closely and you will find that the world is bursting with round things awaiting discovery! From award winning author, Joyce Sidman, and illustrator Taeeun Yoo, comes a lyrical look at why we love round things best–from the small details of everyday life
10 Jan 2017

Can a Guy Save a Girl?

We are really grateful the Midnight Without a Moon author, Linda Jackson, has decided to share a touching personal story of her own struggle with anxiety and how meeting her husband changed all that. Don’t cringe. This isn’t one of those damsel in distress stories. Well, now that I think about it,
10 Jan 2017

Our most anticipated YA book, from acclaimed author, Benjamin Alire Sáenz!

Following the multi-award winning Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Saenz has brought a gorgeous new story about love, identity, and families lost and found. This timely novel explores modern families and growing up while beautifully weaving in diverse and complex characters. The Inexplicable Logic of
9 Jan 2017

Letter From an Author

And I also learned something else (and maybe you’ve already figure this out): the obsessive part of the OCD, if channeled correctly, can be really useful.   UNDER ROSE TAINTED SKIES by Louise Gornall is the story of Norah, a girl struggling with OCD and Agoraphobia, who has been mostly
7 Jan 2017

Under Rose-Tainted Skies Book Recommendations

We’re always looking for more books to read and it looks like we have a whole new list to add to our TBR pile this year! Thank you Miram Moss, author of Girl on a Plane, for this list of book recommendations in support of debut novel UNDER ROSE TAINTED
6 Jan 2017

Asking for Help

There isn’t just one form of mental illness, just like there isn’t just one way of thinking of your own self let along your own mental illness. We’re extremely grateful that author Janet B. Taylor, Into the Dim and Sparks of Light, has shown us yet another side in support of
5 Jan 2017

Songs for Under Rose-Tainted Skies

A soothing playlist for the occasionally depressed and/or anxious inspired by Louise Gornall’s UNDER ROSE-TAINTED SKIES. You’ll dance, you’ll cry, you’ll stare at the wall. It’ll be great! Much thanks to Estelle Laure, author of This Raging Light and But Then I Came Back, for providing this playlist inspired by
4 Jan 2017

You’re Not Alone

I might not be able to change what might happen, but I could change how I dealt with the things that went wrong. UNDER ROSE TAINTED SKIES by Louise Gornall is the story of Norah, a girl struggling with OCD and Agoraphobia, who has been mostly confined to her home.
3 Jan 2017

Middle Grade Mania: MIDNIGHT WITHOUT A MOON by Linda Jackson!

Welcome to Linda Jackson, the author of MIDNIGHT WITHOUT A MOON! See below to learn how she got her start as a writer and what she loves most about writing for middle-graders. *** The book/person/thing that inspired me to be a writer is: My college professors at both Mississippi